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Canjo's, Fiddles, Diddlebows and Other instruments from Smokey Mountain

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This is an instrument I learned to make in the Smokey Mountains by a old time instrument builder. It is called a CAN-JO or a Canned Strum Stick. These are rapidly becoming the coolest thing around. By the way, the can design may vary from the one shown alongside.

It has a strum stick neck and the mountain dulcimer scale - so it plays with one finger and a strum.You can't miss a note because every fret is a note. You play with numbers just like a mountain dulcimer or strum stick.

I have built alot of these for girl scouts, school classes and teachers. It is a very good instrument to show students a diatonic scale.There is one string so very easy to play. It does have a tin can for the body where the sound comes from and a full diatonic fret scale with real guitar frets. Try one,they are fun.

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diddlebowThis instrument is known as a DIDDLEBOW and comes from the mountain folk. We don't know how far back. The Mountain folks are very inventive and come up with so many instruments which we are still finding.

This one is a one string steel guitar. It is 30 inches long by 1- 1/2 wide, two feet on it so it can set on the a table. It has one geared guitar tuner on one end and a single string is ran across the body through a tin can which is the sound resonator.

You can tune to any pitch. you use a metal or glass slide just like a steel or dobro guitar uses. You run the slide up the string and get a beautiful slidding sound used a lot in playing the Blues music and Country music. As you move the slide up the string, you will go through all notes in a chromatic scale just like a guitar scale.

There is no note you can't find. You can also put on a electric guitar pick up so you can put it through a guitar amp.


This instrument is used in a lot of professional bands because of the sliding sound you can get - and the instrument is small enough and easy to carry. Try one you will enjoy

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electric mandolinHere is a 5 string electric mandolin styled like an electric guitar with the semi acoustic body and strat type neck

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limberjackThese little dolls are just such amazing fun because you can make them dance. They really do seem to be doing the whole thing with legs and arms moving.

These are called "The limberjack", known variously as a jig doll, slapjack, jiggerman, limberjim, limberjill, dancin' dan, paddle puppet and yankee-doodle dancer.

It is a wooden doll with loose joints on the end of a long stick, the legs of which the performer causes to tap rhythmically on a thin wooden board as if clogging. Featured in the Liverpool song "Seth Davy",it is particularly popular in the U.S. region of Appalachia.Price $35.00 shipping in the US $10.00











This is a teardrop style fiddle much played and favoured by the mountain fiddlers

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mandolin banjoA mandolin banjo. A bright, crisp tone. Loud enough to cope with any situation.

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