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Strum Sticks - Smokey Mountain Dulcimer

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New Instruments

strum stick"Mama Bear" Strum stick with a mandolin body. This is a tenor strum stick with a mandolin body. It is just as easy to play as all strum sticks, but has a louder, mellower, richer tone than the standard strum stick.

This is a real beauty to play and to own and will not only bring you years of playing fun, but will also turn a few heads.

Price $150.00 shipping in the US $25.00










papa bear"Papa Bear" strum stick. This is also a mandolin strum stick but has a full size mandolin body and the longer full scale neck you can buy it in an acoustic-electric body as shown alongside or fully acoustic.

The price for this Acoustic model is $200.00 - shipping $25 in US










Electric model is $250.00
shipping in the US $25.00







strum stickThis is the easiest stringed instrument there is to play.

I build these each and every one, by hand, in my shop. I have been building for over 30 years and have several hundred under my belt.

These instruments play like a Mountain Dulcimer. They use numbers to play songs. You only put your finger on the bottom string and strum all 3, you will have a beautiful sound, none like you ever heard.

These instruments have been found in the Smokey Mountains for a lot of years. No body knows exactly where or how they became but our mountain folks are very inventive people and we can only guess.

This Strum stick is the new model that I have designed to have more sound with a larger body but still with a strumstick or Dulcimer neck. This instrument is one of the easiest of all instruments to play. You only put your finger on the noting string [bottom string] and strum all 3 strings to get a wounderful sound. It is hard to describe the beautiful sound that comes from this instrument.

All music for this instrument can be purchased on Ebay or a good music store and the song and training books are Mountain Dulcimer song books.The strumstick and the dulcimer both have the same noting and numbering system.

It has a Diatonic scale which we all learned in grade school, Do ,Ray ,Mi scale which gives all the full notes all on one string. I also put in a 6 1/2 fret for sharps or flats depending on how you tune.

There are many tunings for this instrument. The body is large so it has alot of sound. The length is approx.35 inches long, The body is 14 inches long, 6 1/4 wide . The neck is made from Poplar wood which alot of guitar builders use for the strength and it is a very stable wood.

The whole instrument is real wood, [not laminated plywood]. The front Is Red Cedar and the back is Poplar. All of these woods come from the Great Smokey Mountains here in the US. I try to build from woods that most of these old instruments was originally built from. It has 3 strings with 3 Geared guitar tuners for a very easy tuning. This is a great instrument.

(played live through microphone at a
music festival in the UK)

$100.00 shipping in the US $20.00




cigar boxIf you want a louder instrument with the strumstick or dulcimer fret board and ease of playing ,than this is it, The Cigar Box Strumstick. The Cigarbox can have 3 string strumstick neck or 4 to 6 string chromatic neck.It is the choise of the customer. The electric model uses my Fender style pickup and volume and tone control.They can be acoustic or electricThanks for looking and if you have any questions just email me.


The acoustic model will be $100.00 shipping in the US $20.00



The electric model will be $150.00 shipping in the US $20.00




Hand Made Gig Bag available for $20 (contact me)





practice ampI build a battery amp. to go with my electric instruments. The amp has a 4 inch speaker and runs on a 9 volt battery.I build them in different Cigar boxes so the amp is the same but the boxes are different.They work good for a home practice amp.

I sell them for $40.00. Shipping $20 in US













tenor guitarTenor Guitar

This is a 4 string Chromatic Tenor guitar hand built on the strumstick style.The body is larger than the regular strum stick.The total length is 36 inches with a 251/2 inch chromatic scale.The body is 6 1/2 inches wide and apporx.1 1/2 thick.It has 4 geared guitar tuners.

I use Red Cedar on the top and solid poplar on the back.They play very well.It can be tuned the way you want to play.Try one they are fun to take with you.

Price $125.00 shipping in the US $20.00